Stem Cell FAQs

What you should know before consenting to “stem cell” therapy

If you are considering stem cell therapy, here are some questions to ask your provider.

1. What type of stem cell therapy are you using?

2. What is the source of the stem cells?  if they are not coming from your own body, then what is the source?

Amniotic “stem”cell products: 

1. How is the product supplied? Is it frozen, desiccated powder, membrane?

2. Who is the manufacturer? Be sure to enquire as to the manufacturer’s actual name. You wouldn’t buy tires without knowing the manufacturer.

3. What is the product name? Some companies have a whole line of biologics.

Once you have this information, go to the manufacturer’s site.

  • Read the manufacturer’s description of the product. I will be surprised if the term “stem cell” is found anywhere in the manufacturer’s description of the product.
  • Note amniotic products contain no live stem cells.
  • The product specifications should be available on the site or on request.

4. Is the source a licensed FDA registered tissue bank?

5. If the supplier claims they are live stem cells?

  • How is this verified?

6. How was the donor screened?

7. Are  donors screened for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and  Lyme’s disease?

8. Who is going to administer the treatment?

9. Are they a licensed physician or a mid-level provider?

Stephen Smith, M.D.

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