Fullscript Online Pharmacy

Fullscript Online Pharmacy

Fullscript is our online dispensary. They have 25,000 products in stock,

One of the big advantages of Fullscript is your purchase history is stored online, just like a regular pharmacy does for your prescription drugs and your supplements are shipped directly to your home or office.

Sometimes people are doing well and then they run out of their supplements or forget to re-order. It is not unusual for a patient to schedule an appointment just to get back on their program.

If your prescription is in Fullscript, just log in to your Fullscript account and your previous prescriptions and orders will be there.

Fullscript does not have subscription or autoship feature yet.

In order to get started with Fullscript, you will need a login.

Our dispensary URL is: https://us.fullscript.com/

If you are on our mailing list you may be registered already as a patient, in that case, you will just need to establish your password.

On the login page, just put in the email you gave us and click on forgot the password and you will be able to set your password. Otherwise, you will just need to create an account.

We will be setting up protocols for common conditions, so in many cases, you can just select the protocol, which has a list of the supplements required along with instructions on how to take them.

We can also attach your visit instructions to your prescription.

Fullscript carries about 80% of the products we use.

Stephen Smith, M.D.

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