Chelation therapy pulls toxic metals from the body. During our lifetimes we are all exposed to lead and other heavy metals from a variety of sources. These metals interfere with multiple cellular functions, damage our organs, and accelerate aging especially in diabetics. In the TACT Trial, a chelation therapy study with 1700 patients of which over 600 were diabetics, it was found that the number of heart attacks in diabetics dropped by 50% and deaths from any cause by 40%. These are amazing numbers.

Medical chelation is done by an IV infusion of EDTA, the chelating agent. The EDTA binds heavy metals so that they can be cleared from the body via the kidneys. Removing metals from the body slows the formation AGEs (advanced glycation end products). The AGEs contribute to the formation of plaque in blood vessels. Which in turn lead to heart attacks and stroke especially in diabetics.

We use two chelating agents: EDTA and DMPS. EDTA works best on cadmium and lead, while DMPS works better on mercury.

Who should consider chelation therapy? Anyone with:

  • Diabetics
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Carotid artery disease
  • Previous TIA or stroke
  • Those with environmental exposures

Mike’s recent ultrasound exam confirms his carotid arteries which were 70 to 90% occluded are now completely clear.


A full chelation series consists of 20 to 30 chelation treatments depending on the severity of the condition. The costs run approximately $2,500 to $ $3,600 depending on the severity of disease. Chelation is not covered by insurance, but interest free financing is available for up to 24 months on packages  or on a revolving credit plan of 14,9% The monthly cost of chelation package runs $120 to $150/month for 24 months interest free depending on the number of IVs in your package.

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