ART Testing

Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a valuable tool we use in our practice. The links below provide a detailed look at the science and ART techniques. We have found our ART testing results compare quite favorably with laboratory results. ART testing allows the practitioner to find problems in the body that are otherwise very difficult to diagnose by other means. One example is localized lymphedema, which, if not diagnosed, may result in treatment not only not working but the patient actually getting worse.

ART is most helpful in localizing areas of inflammation, which then allows confirmatory laboratory testing to be much more specific. ART testing can help find and treat past emotional traumas that adversely affect a patient’s autonomic nervous system, which controls all the body’s organ functions.

When used with prolozone, I have found ART testing enables us to very precisely pinpoint injection sites. The results of ART testing are consistent with the patient’s complaints.

Is ART 100% accurate, no? None of the tests we use in medicine are 100% accurate, but ART testing, when combined with the history, other lab data, and physical findings, can be very useful in isolating the root cause of many medical problems. ART often enables me to find issues that have been overlooked or missed by traditional methods.

Autonomic Response Testing is a very useful tool in the hands of an experienced practitioner.

However, because this is a new experience for most patients. I find it very useful for patients to understand the technique before the visit. Therefore, I recommend reading several of the articles below from various internet sites.

A Detailed explanation of ART from Rasa Health has a fairly detailed description of ART (Autonomic Response Testing) as taught by Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D.

Autonomic Response Testing and the Five Levels of Healing by the Better Health Guy

Advanced Autonomic Response Testing by Klinghardt

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