Hiking Again After Severe Knee Pain

Dear Dr. Smith,

I went for a hike last Sunday with my wife and dog. Amazing; I’m hiking with NO PAIN!!!! As you may recall for several years I had knee pain in both knees. My left knee was so painful that I could barely place a weight on it and I walked with a limp. The pain woke me up several times a night, every night. My job and life were negatively impacted due to the constant pain.
Started prolozone therapy with Dr. Smith and after a short time my right knee was totally pain-free. Pain in my left knee was much improved, but still present. I continued treatment in the left knee and after another four treatments my left knee was also pain-free. I’m now able to work on my feet for 10 hours a day without pain, walk my dog after work, and start hiking again.

Thank you Dr. Smith for recommending this course of treatment, I really appreciate it.

Thanks again,


Dave B, Kennewick

New Allograft Procedure Can Eliminate the Need for Most Joint Replacement Surgery


The new procedure, a prolozone enhanced allograft, can eliminate the need for many joint replacement surgeries by preserving and restoring joint function.

Many people suffering from joint pain don’t realize there are nonsurgical options that are not only safer but also, in most cases, as effective as surgery. You may have heard of other injections such as coxcomb and steroid injections, which are usually only effective in the short term, if at all. These new prolozone enhanced allografts are different; they not only reduce the pain, but they also correct the problem.

The heart of the new system is a combination of new FDA-approved placenta tissue allografts combined with prolozone therapy. The transplant material is injected into the joint and then activated with an energized oxygen therapy called prolozone, which enables the healing response in the joint.

The FDA-approved placenta allografts supply over 400 growth factors to put the healing process into overdrive. Each of these procedures is effective when used alone, but when combined, we’ve found the healing rate triples.

Dr. Stephen Smith, who developed this unique technique found that by combining these two therapies and other modalities, he could get much better results than either therapy by itself. The prolozone therapy alone is effective but requires multiple treatments to be successful. The new prolozone enhanced allograft therapy eliminates the need for multiple treatments. It not only works faster but is also more effective. Joints, in turn, repair themselves. Patients can walk pain-free again and participate in the activities their joint pain took away.

Many patients report marked pain relief in as little as a couple of months after the treatment. This new treatment takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish with minimal discomfort during the procedure followed by some mild soreness in the joints for a few days. Patients can resume their normal activities, such as swimming, walking, or bicycling almost immediately.

The program also includes a nutritional program to make sure the joints heal quickly and stay healed, and a stem cell-enhancing stimulant to increase natural stem cell production by an average of 90 percent.

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