Latest Instructional Videos

We’ve prepared these instructional videos to help you understand how to take some of the home lab tests and other procedures we recommend. These lab tests typically require collection of specimens at a particular time, such as first morning void, etc., which requires that you take the test at home.

We find if we give instructions while you’re in the office, it’s sometimes too much to remember, so we recommend you view the video first, then read the instructions that come with the kit before using the kit. That way you have the information you need when you need it.

If the kit instructional video is not here, it’s because we haven’t completed that particular video yet. If you need instructions, do not hesitate to call our office. Most of the lab kits do come with instructions; it’s just easier to see it on a video. In some cases, such as the toxic metals test, we’ve simplified the instructions.

Doctor’ Data Stool Analysis Kit

Diagnostec’s Stool Analysis Instructions (Adult kit)

Food Allergy Test Instructions

Doctor’s Data Pre & Post Urine Toxic Metals Test


Environmental Urine Toxin Screen