Biofilm | How do We Treat Bio-Films

Sunday,November 29, 2015

Biofilm Is basically slimy film containing mucous and minerals that form a protective layers over Bacteria and Fungi. They are common in nature. This is why rocks in a stream are slippery, The scum on the back of your teeth, etc. The problem is in the GI Tract, They can protect bacterial pathogens, Which excreteRead more

Chronic Diarrhea | Steps to Control Dirrhea

Sunday,November 29, 2015

Chronic Diarrhea Description: Steps to take when a child has chronic diarrhea or loose stools of unknown cause, Not acute diarrhea. The most common cause of chronic diarrhea is chronic inflammation of the colon. Several common causes are: Chronic viral infection, or Dysbiosis (Too many unfriendly organisms in the bowel) or simply lack of adequateRead more

Laboratory Tests Which are Common

Sunday,November 29, 2015

Laboratory Tests Here is the list of Common Laboratory Tests. NO-Tyrosine: NO-Tyrosine is the marker of brain dysfunction and oxidative stress. It is elevated in many chronic diseases and especially neurological disorders such as autism and Alzheimer’s. NO-Tyrosine if elevated can function as a marker for treatment success. NO-Tyrosine levels lower gradually over time withRead more

Gluten Disorder | Increase in Gluten Disorder

Sunday,November 29, 2015

Gluten Disorder Study confirms increase in wheat gluten disorder. Blood samples from 50’s show it isn’t just improved diagnosis, and researchers wonder if diet is a factor. By JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY, Star Tribune Last update: July 1, 2009 – 9:27 AM A Minnesota study using frozen blood samples taken from Air Force recruits 50 yearsRead more

Smothering Cancer STEM Cells with Metformin, a Common Anti-Diabetic Drug

Saturday,November 28, 2015

Cancer STEM Cells Traditional cancer research has demonstrated that Cancer STEM Cells create energy through glycolysis. Glycolysis is a process that creates energy without oxygen. New findings show that certain cancer cells use an oxygen-based method of creating energy. These cancer cells use mitochondria to create energy. Scientists believe they can now use metaformin toRead more

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