Arthritis | Mediterranean Diet Reduces Pain and Joint Swelling Associated with Arthritis

Tuesday,March 15, 2016

Arthritis Opting for a Mediterranean diet has demonstrated to help with a number of serious health conditions, including breast cancer, stomach cancer, and heart disease. Research has demonstrated that cancers and heart disease are often contributed to by the presence of inflammation in the body. Since arthritis, and especially rheumatoid arthritis, is directly affected byRead more

Food Allergies | Specific Cell Type Explains Dangerous Food Allergies

Monday,March 14, 2016

Food Allergies New findings released by researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center report the discovery of a new cell that seems to cause potentially fatal food allergies response and could explain the reason why severe allergic reactions actually occurs in the first place.   How’d They Do That? Prior to the findings of thisRead more

Stress Can Make You Fat

Friday,February 5, 2016

Stress Not only does stress cause headaches, high blood pressure, chest pain, stomach aches, and insomnia; stress can also make you fat. Stress from your job, a poor relationship, financial issues, the current state of world affairs – regardless of the reason, stress has become a normal part of everyday life in today’s society. However, now more than ever,Read more

Liver Friendly Foods

Wednesday,December 9, 2015

Liver Friendly Foods The liver is the body’s processing plant. Liver and gallbladder disease are characterized by thick bile. The best way to keep the liver running well is to provide it with liver friendly foods, while avoiding foods that are hard for the liver to process: Foods and Chemicals to be Avoided: Hydrogenated vegetable oils alsoRead more

Nutritional Supplements | About Protocols

Sunday,November 29, 2015

Nutritional Supplements Welcome to the protocols section. Our protocols are simply instructions on how to use nutritional supplements for a particular problem. There may be many ways to treat a particular problem, So these protocols should be viewed just as one possible solution. The protocols may need to be modified to meet your child’s needs.Read more

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