Biofilm Treatment Results

Thursday,November 26, 2015

Biofilm Treatment If you would have asked me a year ago, What treatment gives the most consistent results and improvement, I would have said either Methyl B12 injections or diet, But not this year. The winner would have to be the Biofilm Treatment protocol. This protocol is giving consistent results not only in autism, ButRead more

Autism Treatment | Biofilm the Slime Monster Exists

Thursday,November 26, 2015

Autism Treatment In Autism Treatment We learned Daniel had Autism just before his first 3rd birthday in 2008. Looking back all the signs were there from the beginning. Along with typical behavioral signs there were many medical symptoms as well. Colic, Chronic ear infections, Athlete’s Foot, Insomnia, and the most associative were irregular bowl movements.Read more

Reversing Metabolic Syndrome with Nuts and Olive Oil

Thursday,November 26, 2015

Metabolic Syndrome A recent Spanish study indicates that the Mediterranean diet, Specifically including Extra-Virgin olive oil and nuts, Reverses the symptoms of metabolic syndrome in nearly 30% of participants. Researchers selected 5800 men and women between the ages of 55 and 80 from the randomized control trial PREDIMED. PREDIMED is the acronym of an extended, Ongoing SpanishRead more

Migraine Headaches | New Blood Test Predicts Future Migraine Headaches

Thursday,November 26, 2015

Migraine Headaches Researchers at John Hopkins University might have identified a new way to predict future Migraine Headaches. Doctors are hopeful their findings will lead to new Treatments for Migraines. These new research indicates specific Fatty Acids in the Brain, Called Sphingolipids, Could indicate the presence or absence of a Migraine. Specifically, The finding showsRead more

Dry Skin? Are You Putting Oil on the Wrong Side?

Thursday,November 26, 2015

Dry Skin In an attempt to fend off Dry Skin, Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Eczema, The average woman will spend nearly $28,000 on topical face and skin moisturizers during her lifetime. While these topical moisturizers are designed to temporarily relieve the uncomfortable itching and tightness of dry skin, Most people use them in an unsuccessful attemptRead more

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